Elders Loopbaan is specialized in career coaching and personal coaching in academic environment.

Elders Loopbaan helps researchers to get their thesis written, to get things done, to work with more pleasure, to find out about their career wishes and find working ways to communicate in the present labour market. Other examples of what clients got better at:

- self knowledge and self management
- awareness and focus
- defining their expertise
- improving performance and communication skills

- finding a balance in presenting themselves and their work in an authentic style

- improving work/life balance

Remote coaching is available as well.

Please use contact form and we’ll contact you asap to discuss your question.

Nieuwe stap? Begin met een aantrekkelijk beeld!

‘Begin met EEN AANTREKKELIJK BEELD’ Na de vakantie hink je misschien nog op twee benen: je ene been staat nog ontspannen in vakantietempo en je andere been is al bereid om te sprinten in werktempo.In de workshop Begin met EEN AANTREKKELIJK BEELD...

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